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Glass Office Partitions

Do you want office partitions without necessarily sacrificing the natural lighting and spaciousness that closed-plan office layouts provide? At Ultimate Fitouts, we can design and install glass office partitions that combine the best aspects of open-plan and closed-plan layouts without any of the negatives. Whether you want glass partition walls to reduce the spread of noise and minimise distractions or to make your workplace look more modern and welcoming, we can provide a suitable solution.

Our Stress-Free Process

The process by which our suppliers and installers provide Melbourne businesses with glass office partitions is simple, straightforward and stress-free. We make sure you’re involved and have input every step of the way so that you’re completely satisfied with the end result. Our process involves the following steps:

  • Consultation – Our surveyors visit your office, giving us the opportunity to talk to you about your wants and needs in person.
  • Design – We plan out the perfect design based on the specifications of your workplace by measuring up accurately and producing detailed drawings.
  • Approval – We get your approval on our proposed design and plan of attack before getting started, in addition to providing an accurate quote with no hidden costs.
  • Scheduling – We work out a schedule to get the job done as soon as possible while minimising disruptions.

Whether you want clear or frosted glass office partitions, there’s nothing we can’t do for you. We can even incorporate creative details such as corporate logos to add an extra touch of style. In addition, our partitions can be outfitted with optional window blinds for extra privacy.

The Benefits of Glass Partition Walls

Our glass partition walls are popular for their many aesthetic and practical benefits, some of which include:

  • Employees are more visible to their colleagues and supervisors, discouraging laziness and improving productivity
  • Reduce the spread of noise and distractions that disrupt concentration, interfere with individual tasks and affect productivity
  • Greater natural light improves the health and morale of your employees while reducing dependence on artificial lighting that’s expensive to operate
  • Easy to demount and move when you want to modify the layout of your office without incurring additional costs
  • Easy to clean and maintain with a simple window cleaning solution that can be used to wipe down the glass panels in next to no time

How Much Do Glass Partitions Cost?

Are you wondering just how much glass partitions cost? The exact answer depends on numerous factors, all of which are discussed in our initial consultation. We won’t trick you into thinking that every partition costs the same amount to produce. The price will differ based on the dimensions, including the overall size and thickness. The quote we provide you with will also take into account how many partitions you want to set up and other site details such as location and ease of access. In any case, you can expect us to work out the glass partitions cost accurately.

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If you want glass office partitions that can add privacy and visual interest to your workplace, you won’t be disappointed with the solutions available at Ultimate Fitouts. Check out our contact page for more details about how you can speak to our specialists to learn more and book our services.

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